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The House of Volleyball  is a creation of Lincoln Barnett, who has been involved throughout the sport as a player, HS, National Club, and Collegiate Coach, and event coordinator conducting vball events throught the Midwest. 


In 2005 Lincoln self-produced a film on the state of volleyball in the U.S. where he was able to document the game as seen by the top coaches, athletes , and enthusiasts involved throughout the history of the sport.


The newest offerings ,which are the House of Volleyball Web Series and the 2nd Documentary Film due out late this year, look to bring the various communities of volleyball "under one roof " to help gain a better understanding of how we all can better enjoy the game as experienced by so many throughout the world.


Lincoln is also the owner of Yairdann Productions, a film and video production company which has  a new film "STRANGE MIND" Due out this fall. He is also the lead guitarist of Roosevelt Blonde, a group founded in Oklahoma City where he currently resides.


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